The homebrew scene recently got a new addition, with a new homebrew channel being released for the Wii U.

The installer and launcher is said to be extremely easy to install and boasts features such as

  • Disc, eShop and Virtual Console dumps
  • Launch those dumped “back up” files from an SD card
  • Use any USB controller (PS4/Xbox) on the Wii U

While these don’t look sinister, the ability to dump and load games from an SD card allows for piracy to walk through an open door, with many of the people on NeoGAF already doing so, by playing DS roms that aren’t currently released in their region. Eventually we’ll see emulators running through the Homebrew program.

Hopefully Nintendo will patch this out soon, and they’ll block access to the internet, including the internet explorer, which is required to launch and install the Homebrew channel.

It’s definitely shown that the “hardcore of the hardcore” gamers over on NeoGAF are a bunch of hypocrits and pirates.