Due to seeing a few people having connection issues and some people asking how I set up a Static IP address on the Nintendo Switch, I’ve decided that I’ll make an easy to follow guide.

Step One.


You’ll need to have obviously connected to a Wireless connection, after that you’ll want to go back in and select Change Settings.

Step Two.


You’re going to want to set your IP Address Settings to Manual, from there you need to change the IP Address to 192.168.0.XXX where XXX can be whatever you choose, I have opted for 052, keep the Subnet Mask and Gateway the same way I have them here

Step Three.


Change your DNS settings to which I have here, the quickest way to set this up is to just type in for the Primary DNS and for the Secondary DNS, as you don’t have to type in all the Zeroes.

Step Four.


Finally you’ll have to log into your router through your preferred browser on your PC or Mac, to do this type in the Address Bar then log into your router settings.

You can usually find the DMZ setting in the Security section of your routers settings, all you have to do then is type in the EXACT SAME IP address that your Switch now uses and enable.

Placing the Nintendo Switch in the DMZ is the quicker solution to port forwarding/opening and allows the Nintendo Switch to have a clear connection to Internet.

After doing this, you should run a Connection Test on the Nintendo Switch. When I do this I get a NAT Type A, which is the equivalent of OPEN which is the best NAT Type you can have for online play.